Breaking up with my boyfriend tomorrow. My speech

I am gonna break up with my boyfriend tomorrow. I am super nervous, and in my heart I really don't want to. But it is hard choosing him and my parents. I decided to choose my parents.

Here is my speech:

*We need a break/break up.

*I feel like I need to choose between you and my parents (explain)

*I know it is just 2 months until I am done, but it is to hard for me to continue our relationship. I feel lonely and sad everyday, because I am not able to see you, something that kills me.

*My parents drives me nuts, and they will not stop until I am done and out of their house.

*Really sorry. It hurts me, because I love you so much, and you mean so much to me.

*i don't think we should have any rules for what we can do or can't do, but if you or me start seeing other people, we should tell each other.

*if we get back together in December than great, if not then that is OK that just mean we are not suppose to be with each other :(

*I hope we can still be friends, I am always here for you whenever you need me.

*I will not bother you or anything like that before you feel that you can take contact again, if not then good luck and I hope I will see you again one day.

Is it good or should I change it?

I am prepared for him to be shocked, sad and mad, because I know he is crazy in love with me.


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  • Why not just slow down the relationship until you work things out with your parents?


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What Guys Said 2

  • if you're breaking up, why would you have to tell each other that you're seeing someone? that part doesn't make much sense.

  • Just tell him you need some time alone over the next few months to sort things out. Then give him this speech later.


What Girls Said 1

  • its 3 months just wait 3 months seriously its no big deal. if you cate so much about each other why can't you wait 3 months?


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