Is moving on my only option?

Sooo I've been talking with this girl for months but she's been with another guy, I play xbox with her almost everyday and we've Skyped about 4 or 5 of the last 7 nights, they broke up last night and I talked with her and tried too cheer her up all night over Skype till she fell asleep, truth is I'm crazy about her, and we were texting earlier and I basically told her that I wanted "more and that I've stuck around even though she basically f***ed me over" she asked "what are you saying?" and I said "im saying I think I love you" 5 minutes went by and nothing, so I said "yea really no way for me to say that without sounding crazy, but hell maybe I am, I can't expect you to really understand its really the only thing that makes sense to me.., oh and I tried to get her to come over last night but she wouldn't bite, I'm guessing the appropriate thing to do now is to just move on, but I'm kinda hoping there's an alternative...


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  • Was she with the guy when you first met? If so, then she probably doesn't appreciate you hitting on her so soon after a break up. People need time to deal with that sort of thing. If she wasn't with the guy when you first met, then I think you should forget about her. If your relationship was going to turn into anything meaningful, she would have shown interest in you from the beginning. You shouldn't have to wait in line to date someone.

    So I'm afraid this isn't looking good for you either way. Sorry, man:/ There are others...


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