Boyfriend has mood swings when he comes across ex girlfriend news. What does that mean?

He gets as far as throwing stuff at me insults me when I figure out what he does like fulling around with girl s today I found out he is still looking up his ex he recently unloaded a pic of our daughter and though it was odd Because he hides everything including relationship status so now it turns out homegirl is getting married and it seems to me this foe upload the pic just to rub it on her face long story short he acting like an ashole yesterday wh en I asked him who was in a pic I found today I found out it was her he claims the ties he had with her are over a bby they lost I heard she was his high school sweetheart don't know what to do but my heart can only take so much pls help I have more to say about this l


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  • It looks like he's not over her, in a unhealthy way.

    Anyway, you shouldn't accept that he behaves with you like this, whatever the reason.


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