Why does my ex make fun of me?

So basically he broke up with me like 7 months ago because he wasn't mature enough for a serious relationship but still liked me a lot and ended up trying to fix us. Now like eight months after we broke up he always comes up to me and makes fun of me every day at school. He can't even normal talk to me he just makes fun of how I act. For example at lunch he came and sat down next to me and started talking about how I would be a bad stripper because I'm uncoordinated and so I kinda just stopped listening to him because he was being immature and he was like do you even understand what I'm saying and I said what because I wasn't listening and he was like your so stupid so I just walked off and sat somewhere else and he kept staring at me and trying to get my attention. Then after school he saw me and made a joke so I just kept walking and he was like stop walking but I went off with my other guy friend and he followed us and was like I like you _guy friend. But [my name] always needs a man. It's just things like that that bother me and it happens everyday. I've just been nice to him so I don't understand why he's so hateful all of a sudden. Please help?


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  • Maybe you could try sticking up for yourself. I know it's easier said than done. Try to send him the message that you won't put up with his insecure and immature behavior . Tell him to move on because he looks pathetic/desperate


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