He kisses me then ignores me & tells his ex about our kiss. Why?

I honestly don't understand guys at all! I have this long time guy friend of mine since high school & I had met him through mutual friends. He was also one of my friend's boyfriend at the time. Anyways they had broken up for awhile now and she has a new boyfriend or actually finace now. She has moved while he's still here. They still keep in contact a lot.

Anyways, even before she left...me and him started to get more closer with each other. She even keeps asking me if I want to date him, like him, blah blah...numerous times. I keep saying no since I wasn't sure about my feelings for him yet. Anyways, fast forward to now, 3 days ago. He had kissed me gently and passionately since I told him it was my first kiss. Though the next day he did still talk to me but he seemed distant. It seemed like he was going to confess that he liked me but he didn't put it that way. He just says, "You're not bad. You're good to be around and you're not mean." Though he didn't exactly say I like you so I was afraid to tell him that I liked him.

Also just today, his ex girlfriend who is also my friend, calls me from long distance joking/taunting me that I have a new boyfriend now. I told her I don't know what she's talking about since she was referring to him. Then she mentions about the kiss I shared with him. I told her that I don't know what she's talking about to avoid any more stupid drama but it doesn't work. I can't tell with her if she's okay, jealous, or upset that I might end up with her ex. I'm getting tired of this bullsh*t.

I texted him saying: "You can't keep anything private anymore huh? don't bother with me anymore." I saw that he kept trying to type something out on viber then stops then types again. This was his response: "Okay then. That's ridiculous, but okay sure."

I don't understand. Most of my other friends tells me that they think he likes me since he would always text/talk me, invite me to his friends hangouts, asks my friends about me, imply that he's my boyfriend, drives me to certain places when I ask him, etc.

Why would he like that? I thought he liked me, I don't know if he's just using me to get over his ex. Why would he agree to not bother with me anymore? Why didn't he try to fight for me? What should I do? Somebody help?


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  • It sounds like he wanted to make her jealous. Or angry.

    Otherwise he wouldn't have told her, especially if he knew you girls are friends.

    There's also the option he's an idiot.

    You should move on.


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