I gave her another chance, why did she do this again?!

My girl and I started dating last August, and we really got strong feelings for each other and fell in love...but in January of this year she left to go to Job Corps (trade school)...it was hard on me, and she called me from there on the phone but gradually did less and less. Never wrote to me. The last weekend in March she was home for a week, and I thought it was gonna be a happy reunion. Only to find out she fell for someone else there, and they were "engaged".

I kicked her out and never talked to her again, until the first week in July when she came crawling back and they had broke up. Said she still loved and wanted me, and cried and apologized. I gave her another chance and we seemed to be slowly repairing and rebuilding everything. Tried trusting her again. She called and texted me every chance she had and things seemed to be going great.

Well lo and behold, tonight I got on Facebook and happened to find her page. (she is at her mom's for the weekend, a couple hours away). And guess what I see? Her page says she's in a relationship with someone, and was posting about how she loves this guy and can't wait to move in together...The day we got back together was July 1, and it says she's been in a relationship with this guy since July 7.

OH WONDERFUL! And this was after she cried and begged me for another chance. Which I gave. Never talked or texted me all day but a few hours ago she posts on there saying, "With the most amazing man ever. I love you."

I'm crying my eyes out but I'm furious. WHY?!?! What can I do?


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  • Wow she did that and you took her back? Obviously because you don't seem to get it she doesn't love you. She loves not being alone so when she's not in a relationship she goes to you because she doesn't wanna feel lonely but she replaces you whenever she gets a chance. To cadence that more for you she's playing games. You need to forget about her don't take her back again. She's just using you find someone who atcually cares about you. That girl doesn't know what love is

  • I totally agree with you LACEYZ565. Sorry for the finger down. Its a eHe comes back to you after the other boy broke up with her ??for her first who can feel she is alone.

    It is obvious. This is something you should begin to feel after she says that they are beaten up, and saw that she descendant again.

    But that is what they say. Love is blind.

    You can not do anything but make every effort to make the things that make you happy. It makes you forget some of the sh*t you've been through. And have you heard of "KARMA". You always get everything back. In the end we're even. Think always "what goes around comes around".

    Sorry if there was many error. I am from Denmark, but I hope I can help !


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