Why won't he leave me alone?

Does a guy really love his girlfriend if he keeps contacting his ex? snapping her intimate things and flirting ?

I told my ex we can't have any contact and than a month later he texts me asking me how I am doing and why we can't be friends anymore, wanting to see how I am doing.

He is in a relationship with this sweet all American girl which breaks my heart but I can't see him being happy with someone else so why isn't he leaving me alone ?

Im thinking if he really loved her he wouldn't care about staying in touch with me..


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  • Just threaten him to report him for harassing you.

    Oh and most pictures taken with phones have metada in their header, with time & date.

    You could forward them to his girlfriend to show her how he's really like.

  • The intimate pictures and flirting are major red flags. He's probably not satisfied with his current girlfriend and might be contacting you so he has someone to go to whether or not he breaks up with her. Point is, if he loved her, he wouldn't be intimate with you. Talking is fine as long as it's mature but the flirting is a no-no.

    Block all contact with him. Delete him from your phone and block his number. Delete him off Facebook or other social media websites. He needs to get the message otherwise he'll still contact you.

    • i did delete him

      so you think he isn't so much into his girlfriend therfore he contacts me ? sad

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    • Then give him an ultimatum.

    • im done fighting for him..i don't contact him , he contacts me :S I don't give him naughty snaps but he does to me..so I'm done trying to win him over

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