Have you ever been in a relationship yet your mind effortlessly wanders back to someone from your past?

I find myself doing this. Although it feels emotionally disloyal, I can't help it. There was one very special guy who brought me a lot of special memories and experiences. He's my one who got away. Ever since experiencing him, I've been unable to have any love interest without comparing them to him somehow, some way in some form at some point. I've been with my current boyfriend for almost six months now. He makes me so happy : ) We always have such a wonderful time together, yet I genuinely cannot help but wonder how thinks would be between me and Mr. Got Away had he popped back up in my life : / Makes me feel like an ass. Mr. Got Away and I had a really special connection. I've never experienced anything quite like it, despite the feel-good relationship I'm in. There was this effortless, INSTANT level of comfort. There's no doubt in my mind we would have fallen in love had we stayed in each others' lives. And I honestly can't say that I would positively, absolutely not get his number if he popped back up in my life : / even if just to meet up for coffee ONCE and catch up ... : / Is that wrong?

Have you ever been in a happy, satisfying relationship yet sincerely been unable to stop your mind from wandering back to a love interest from your past? Practically fantasizing about you and that past love interest had the course of your time together shifted in a way that would have placed you two together today? Share : )


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  • yeah, it is pretyt normal but it will blow off

  • It's not wrong, it's not normal. Just give it some time and don't fight the memories


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