Would I be wrong for doing this?

Okay, a couple years ago, I split up with my ex, and I am admittedly still heartbroken over it. I just had a thought, that, although I may not be attracted, would I be wrong for just blatantly asking out someone, I have no interest in, and pursuing a relationship with this person? I mean seriously, pursue a relationship, with a random woman that I may find totally unattractive and uninteresting?


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  • Of course that's wrong. To you and to her

    • Yeah, well, it has been that way, it seems... ...to me, any time I date. I always seem to be the damn guy that they rebounded off of, to make them feel better about themselves. Once their bruised egos finally rebuilt, now, I am the one, that gets the cold shoulder. So, I figure, "turnabout is fair f*cking play".

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    • How are you meeting these women? It seems like you're meeting the same type of girl over and over again and not a good type. I would try going outside of your normal comfort zone and reach out to different girls that are interested in different things.

    • Not just one type. This bullsh*t happened with every female I have dealt with. I go across the board. different jobs, different races, different backgrounds... all comes up the same. Also, there is no implied "comfort zone". The only common denominator is that they pursued me. I am the shy type. I don't normally, directly address women I dated. I have never successfully asked anyone out. Since I have never done it successfully, I resorted to not asking anyone out.

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