Breaking up with a guy?

I have been dating a guy for 2 months and it needs to end. We are just not right for each other. Also, I have decided to go back to college next semester and I have a job on the weekends on top of school and I won't have much time for myself, let alone him.

I just saw him tonight and was planning to end it but I just couldn't. He is so invested in this "relationship" and thinks it's super serious (I have not lead him onto this. I haven't said I love him or have made any future plans with him but he is doing that with me). I got so nervous and I just couldn't find the right words.

I think I could handle it better on the phone. I feel so bad about this, he is a great guy but I just can't see a future with us. What are some things I could say to let him down easy?


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  • It's only two months in so you don't have to feel guilty. Neither of you can be emotionally invested in each other at this point. Just be honest, don't apologize enfeebled bad. If he starts crying or something, than just leave. Don't get suckered in. No guy cries over a girl they dated for 2 months.

    Either way, regardless of how long you are together, there is no easy way to get dumped. It's actually worse though if you try and sugar coat it. Or if you drag it out. Just be honest about it.


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  • Put your big girl panties on, talk to him in person and tell him the truth...exactly what you wrote here.


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  • Just say it as it is. You don't feel you're a right match, you won't have a lot of time and since you won't find ways to make time you feel the relationship isn't right. Nothing much to say, it's a break up. I wouldn't go all "but we can still be friends", nobody who gets dumped wants to hear that, or at least not a lot of people. Good luck!


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