What does my ex girlfriend think of me?

She had us introduced back in summer 2011, she was 18 at the time. We dated for a few months, and she spurned me, did a number on me. Anyway, she slowly came back, but she LOVES to give me a hard time. I'm usually a smartass to her anyway and get the best of her. She tends to linger over my head since we met in church and she attends the same church. However, over the last few weeks, we've gone weeks without talking. I've learned to have her come to me but she remembered my birthday (09/15) for the first time since we've met. She and I messed around once, with oral stuff and the way she talked then, she was wanting something more often and more frequently. The idea of her drives me up the wall. I'd love to know what goes through her mind when she thinks about me. Is there any way to tell where I stand with her, if I'm in the friend zone, or a dating possibility or someone to mess around with?


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  • there is universal rule, women love attention, some even love negative attention. chances are you are friend-zoned, but its just fun to string you along. train yourself to ignore her, don't call, if she calls, voice mail her. if she is on Facebook, don't delete her as a friend, she'll notice. but you can remove her newsfeeds. it may take a few months, but if she really gives a damn, she'll want to know why she became a ghost to you. if she doesn't care...she move on to the next plaything

  • that your crazy


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