Girlfriend is upset about me being a work-aholic?

Understandably that work-aholics are not for everyone as a person to be dating, but that goes for almost anyone, and which flaws each person can accept.

As throughout the last 8 months, my girlfriend, and I were doing quite great. Everything was going smoothly, and even though we understood my schedule. We worked on spending time together, and making the time we had together special, but then she seemed to become disgusted, and neglected due to my work schedule.

See, I run two companies, and as it would almost anyone. It keeps me incredibly busy throughout the days, and with this being so. I made sure to be completely honest with her to how I was, and held nothing back. She seemed to accept it at the time, but for some reason; things changed.

She became bitter about me not coming over enough, and eventually turned into a painful, and rude fight. Trying not to throw her feelings out the window. I asked her what she wanted, and she just said for me to come see her more often. Though I want to, and would to do so. I've committed myself to finishing a timely project before the end of the year. She knew this, and still is complaining about it. So, I told her that she is more than welcome to break up with me, and I won't be nasty about it either. I told her in the beginning if me being a work-aholic was going to be something to which she couldn't deal with. Then she was more than welcome to leave, and I would not hate her for it.

Now, she's fighting for us to be together, but still is beckoning toward the idea of me having additional free for her. With me not wanting to change, but wanting to keep her. I've told her that I'm going to hand over most of my duties for one of my companies to it's VP, monitor it, and then maintain the easier of the two companies. Though thinking this was satisfy her. She seems as if it was a nothing gesture, and demands more time now. So, I'm stuck with letting her go, or letting down my team of 20+ people for her. It's honestly a hard decision, but I just don't think I can lean towards someone who is forcing someone to change. Though I may be wrong, what are your thoughts, and advice?


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  • she shouldn't complain. she knew what she was getting into. if it doesn't suit her she should break up. yore not doing anything wrong except id break up with her if she's holding what she already knew about me against me.

    dont change your work, she's not even resecting it. there are plenty of ocd working women you can be with.


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  • You sir, need a 1st generation Asian. Time to plan a business trip to the Far East. They'll understand the value of your hard work, and will show your contribution proper honor.

    The time lost with you is a sacrifice for them too, but they understand that. Just make sure to honor their sacrifice also, and they will honor yours.

  • I think breaking up is going to be in order because she's being clingy it sounds like. Even if you spend more time with her, she won't even care what you're doing at work. So I wouldn't not be surprised if when you said you were handing a project over if that all went over her head. Girls will come and go so I don't think you should throw away the work opportunities you have right now if you're able to handle them.

  • Do the wizard rap for workaholics


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