Break the ice with my ex or wait for him to come to me?

I know I post a lot, just really not sure what to do.

So he left me in July and deleted me from Facebook on August 28th. Tried to add me again a day later, but I didn't accept until the 19th of September. During the time that we were not "friends" he was miserable and self-destructive. Now that we are "friends" once more, he seems perfectly happy again.

We have exchanged a few "Likes" here and there, but so far he has not attempted to contact me. Should I perhaps message him first? Or should I let him come to me?


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  • Message him if you want something to change. Or else your not getting anywhere anytime soon.


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  • Do nothing. If he comes to you/contacts you he does. If he doesn't he doesn't. You need to keep the ball in your court by allowing him to contact you (if he ever does) and then deciding if you want to even engage with him or not. If he wants to ignore you all this time and suddenly responds to your friend request then he's perfectly capable of reaching out more than some likes. Continue on with your life as is and project your happiness wherever you are.

    • Oh, he was the one who added me, and I took a long time to respond to it, sorry if that wasn't clear. :)

    • It was clear. I'm just saying continue to let him come to you not the other way around. If he can add you an initiate the Facebook friendship he can initiate conversation, is what I meant.

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