Would you live there?

So my boyfriend lives with 5 women and they all treat him like absolute sh*t. He owns the couches the dryer most of what's in the kitchen and doesn't get to use them because they destroyed them. It's the one womans house and he's there because she's a close friend and couldn't afford to live there before everyone else moved in. They get mad at him when he's with me and doesn't have time to do things for them. If anything breaks it's his job to fix it and pay for everything because they can't afford it even if it's not his to do. They insult him like crazy even though he does everything for him. they have to know where he is at all times and are always telling him to come home. The one day I was there and he just drove this girl to the store and bought her some stuff and the girls wanted to bbq we were having fun upstairs but you can hear everything they say and they couldn't figure it out but they were just yelling for my boyfriend and since we were busy he didn't respond and they just started bitching about him cause he wouldn't help and said he was pmsing.

We've basically live together but he works in that town so when he has jobs he needs to be there but his job can move him here so it's not like he can't move out but he won't. He still feels obligated to stay there or maybe he really doesn't want to live with me.

But my question is would you stay if you lived in a place like that? And if so why would you?


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  • He lives with 5 women in another town and he sometimes lives with you? I think he likes the attention he gets from all of you girls! He has a harem in one area that bust his balls and then he has you to run to when it gets to be too much. I think if he feels obligated to stay with 5 women that make his life hell, he likes that kind of treatment no matter what he tells you.

    If there's no real reason to stay in that town, not even for work, read him the riot act and say "it's me or them - no more of this nonsense" and see where his loyalty really lies.

    • problem is he qualifies two of these girls are family

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  • No I wouldn't. Would you want to live here? link


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  • He needs to stop being a pushover and man up and stand up for himself. I wouldnt' feel comfortable dating a guy who bend over backwards for these bitches like that. I mean, why is he taking their sh*t? I doubt he'd take that kind of sh*t from 5 guys...


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