Should I break up with him?

So I have been with this guy for about 2 months now. In July his (ex)girlfriend left to America as an exchange student and they broke up because of that. We started seeing pretty quickly after this( not such a good idea) Now this ex girlfriend came to me saying that she knew my boyfriend is gonna be with me for a year and when the ex girlfriend comes back, he is going to try with her again. I don't know what to do, should I just leave it as it is and now talk about it or ask him that a) is this even true b) if it is how could he be doing this. I'm really falling for him and hearing this really shocked me:/
++ The ex told me she doesn't want him back, but she just wanted to ''warn me'' that he wouldn't play with my feelings.. She would have been okay sending me some of their convos but I didn't want to see them. She told me she wants my boyfriend stop talking to her and move on, because the ex already has someone new in there. -via Facebook.


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  • I would carry on with it for a while if you still like him, BUT keep your distance, and keep up your guard in case. This is very quick to have moved from one girl to the next and not to be harsh to you because I am sure he is with you for many a reason, but it is likely he has to filled the void (gap) his girlfriend has left and he has to do it quickly, because he isn't used to being on his own. Now your relationship could be great, however I know from experience, I started dating someone quickly who got out of a relationship 2 months before and at first it was great. He was charming, sweet, loving, romantic. 4 weeks past and BAM that all disappeared, he began to lose interest and started treating me like a friend, it ended painfully after a year of just dragging it on.

    This may well not happen to you, but be careful, because this could really hurt you and you don't want to go through that pain.

    Ask him outright if you have to, you have every right. Is he over his girlfriend completely, if he hesitates you know he isn't and you don't have to break up with him, but you can ask him to take it slowly.

    I wish you well and I hope he is doing the best by you :)


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  • Haha, sounds like she is jealous and trying to keep him for herself. Don't listen to her, she's just being a bitch.

    But if the two of you like each other a lot, she won't stand a chance when coming back.

    • @Update : Wow. Anyway, cut her off, put your boyfriend on a leash and enjoy life :)

  • So they broke up. I'm guessing it was a "Mutual breakup" from what your saying aka no bad blood between them. And now she has contacted you somehow saying how she is gonna get him back and your basically a kill swictch.

    I would speak to him in regards to this. If he is hesitant with answers, then this is the case, if he isn't hesistant with answers and tells you that he wants to be with you, then you can decide if you wanna be with him.

    You will need to really watch his actions and his voice, and the way he responds to you when asking these questions. Make sure the vibe that your getting is 100%. Cause if your gut tells you that he's hiding things from you, then you better believe it.


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  • 1)Um if she's in another country how did she come to you? 2)Why are you talking to his ex? You should n't be talking to her in any form. 3)No one on hear is going to be able to tell you if this is true, we don't know any of you. Yea it could be or she could talking sh*t.


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