Is a guy serious about a new girlfriend when he shuns the ex-girlfriend?

After three years my 41 year old (I'm 42) x boyfriend and I broke up (his decision, halfheartedly , not mine) , he says he's in a new relationship and ask me not to text him because as he put it " I don't like having to explain to her why my x girlfriend is texing me".

Try not to be too brutal because I'm on this website to learn :)

Does this mean he is serious about this woman, doesn't love me anymore and we don't have a chance in Hershey Park of getting back together?.. I know I know Hershey Park is a great place but it flowed ..



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  • Yes. It very much sounds like he is serious about his relationship. If he doesn't want to talk to you and is cutting you off he is showing his new girlfriend that he is dedicated to her and their relationship and that she is more important than him texting you.

    • Thank you, makes me sad to hear this but its logical . What about the other two parts of the question...I feel he's just on a rebound with this you think a man on the rebound would behave as he is?

    • He may be on a rebound but I think if it were a casual rebound he wouldn't bother cutting off contact with you. Maybe he's in it for the long haul with this woman.

      You shouldn't be sad! Now you know you can focus your attention on meeting other men and getting to know them

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