Do you think I'm stupid for doing this?

i took my ex back even though we been together for 7 years. he was in a relationship with some other girl who his whole family did not meet and refuse to meet. she only met his mom and the family that lived in the city because she moved in with him because of her housing situation at home. we broke up because I was moved to another state. when I left him he was in college and had everything going for himself. I have been missing him completely while I was away. now that I am back; since he been with her, he dropped out of school, his face is totally broken out. He just look so different to me I started crying. All his hanging with friends came to a hault when he started dating her. he said he only did this because he was guilty. I feel stupid and dumb because she lived with him and I never had that opportunity. he basically had to teach her life and drove her around the entire time. he completely look like a failure to himself and that is how he talk about himself. he work 2 jobs and dropped out of school and think he don't amount to nothing. this is the short version of the story. but the only thing the girl was doing was spending money and be with him wherever he went. the girl even stopped communication with me and him because she threatened him. she in the army and she know how to make bombs and other forms of weapons. I totally missed him! I cried when I seen him because it was just last year when I last seen him. he looked so stressed out.


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