I really want to talk to a guy at work, but we're always busy and I hardly ever see him?

We worked together for a couple weeks, and I like him and I think he likes me. He has a great sense of humor and a devilish smile, and seems like a good guy. He helped out at my department, but he went back to his department and I hardly ever see him now, but I really want to talk to him. We're usually really busy, so I don't have much time to talk to him and since it's a big company I hardly ever see him. How can I talk to him when we hardly see each other? I don't have his number or Facebook or anything.


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  • Well, you really can't do anything until you find a way of communicating to him. If you know where he works, why not just call and ask him to grab a coffee, or see if he wants to grab some lunch?

    If not, do some detective work. See if you can locate him on FB, ask around if anyone has his personal contact information, such as e-mail.

    There's really not a lot you can do other than flat out asking him if you don't have any way of getting in touch with him otherwise. If the company has a website, he may have a # and e-mail address posted. If not, do some Facebook detective work, or googling!

  • Co-workers shouldn't date, ever.

    • Even though it's a huge campus-sized company, I hardly ever see him and it wouldn't jeopardize my job if things don't work out.

    • You'd be surprised.

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