Why do people in a relationship move in together?

Ok so, to you people who are in a serious relationship and thinking of getting married, why the hell are you moving together, like common ,when you get married it won't be anything new,just a wedding and boom your back together,BORING,

And same for sex,

Its so much exiting when you have sex for the first time when you get married, there will be a lot of fun... a lot of new stuff will happen. , Living together , having sex for the first time... And thin start a life,

So okay. Tell me why, and if you agree or disagree with me,
I mean moving IN together


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  • Because living together is very different from just hanging out all the time.

    Moving in lets you see if you'll actually get along. Many couples don't know how someone lives until they've tested the waters. Plus, if it don't work out and you're married. Not only do you possibly have a lease to deal with but then you have divorce paperwork on top of that. You don't move in for thrills. You move in to live a responsibly life together.

    Same with sex. Many people get married, then find out the other person has insane fetishes and their sexual incompatibility is way off. Sex isn't just about the climax. Imagine you're with someone forever, you get married, and find out your partner is a total nutjob in bed while you're a more gentle type and you two just can't get along. Imagine if you reached your honeymoon and found out he wants things thrusted into his anus asking you to call him Sally each bedtime session while you want him to be missionary and gentle with you. Very romantic right? This stuff does happen.

    • If that how it is. Then that's not love, If 2 people truly love each other, they woudnt leave just because the sex isn't good or how the other person lives, they would try to fix things and make thim better, because believe me if you love the other person from all your heart. , you wouldn't say that

    • QA - There's a lot more to marriage than love. That's why so many fail...

  • I moved in with my wife a few months before the wedding. The sex is still great 14 years later, and I still like living with her.

  • Would you rather get married, and THEN find out that your partner is impossible to live with?

    • If you love someone, you wouldn't just say that, you would know how everything will be without moving in... But okay , you people don't really get me,

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    • I don't agree but okay if that's what you think

    • Thinking you know everything about a person before living with them is very naive.

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  • In my opinion, I think it's good to move in with each other before you get married, because it's kind of like a trial run. Because, I mean, you can care for a person, but could you be with them with all their annoying habits that you normally wouldn't have to deal with, and the lack of space? I think it's important to find out those things before you tie the knot.

    • But no... If too people love each other they would know each other... They would have fun together , spend 22 hours together , but not live together, they just could wait, that's just my opinion :)

    • I agree with 1xadzy3dgSG

  • and once you're MARRIED after a few months itll be boring bam you're just living together and having sex.

    if you're going to get bored from living together and having sex you shouldn't get married in the first place.

    you should test run a car before you take it home. don't you try on clothes before you buy them?

    things can look god and turn out to suck.

    • Read the comments up there

    • love doesn't make you omniscient... if anything it clouds judgement. marriage isn't exactly the kind of thing you want to end up saying 'oops' with.

  • It can teach you a lot about your relationship.

    You get to really see how the other person lives, and what their priorities and habits are when it comes to things like buying food, keeping parts of the apartment/house clean, paying bills, taking care of any problems around the house, etc.

    Moving in can be a deal breaker honestly, things might go really well or you might realize that you're not as compatible as you thought.

    If the couple feels they're ready to try it then I don't think it's such a bad idea. It's not something that should be rushed into. But it can really give give you a glimpse of what's to come down the road.

    • Hmmm maybe you are right , but I always think of later... Not now

    • Well, if you're in a serious relationship it's a decent opportunity to test things out. If the couple has problems, better to discover and work on them sooner, rather than find out too late when you're already married that things aren't going to be as easy as you first thought.

      There's nothing wrong with waiting until after you're married to finally move in together... but I guess more and more people seem to find it more practical now to just do it rather than wait.

  • Because when you move in with someone you see them in a completely new light. By moving in before marriage you can potentially save yourself a lifetime of misery.

    I wanted to marry my ex before we moved in together - not so much after! Now we're thankfully broken up!

    • Same here. I'm so thankful I got the chance to see what my ex was really like before I signed myself up for a life of misery.

    • Awesome name by the way lol

  • Why save all those big exciting things for one day, making it all go in a flash, when you could spread it out and enjoy these things over a longer period of time? I live with my boyfriend now and it was still very exciting the first time we had sex and when we moved in together, but I got to savor each of those things at different times. Personally, I'd rather live with somebody and have sex with them to make sure we're compatible on all levels before getting married. Getting married will still be pretty damn exciting in and of itself too.


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