The only good thing between my girlfriend is sex

So we fight a lot, she is not happy that I don't give her much attention even though she says she loves me, but there is no day that we wouldn't fight for something. Like why I didn't write her back or sport is more important to me then her. Anyway the only thing we get right is sex. It's really great. But other then that is really a crap. Can relationship hang on only on sex? We had been together about 5 years and it seems every day we fight more and more, but strangely sex is still very good for both of us.


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  • youguysare not compatible she wants a relationship you dont. or you want a relationship with someone who doesn't really want a serious relationship.

    it won't work you're going to resent her wanting attention and shell resent you not wanting attention. neither oosition is wrong but there are people out there who would be a better fit for either of point in sucking the life blood out of either of you trying to make it work. you're young you can find other people.

    i think you should have an open relationship/ keep the sex, and when either or both you meet someone you like better,break up.


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