Is it true that it's easier for a girl to fall in love for a guy but it's harder for guys to get over a girl?

I don't like to make generalisations but from what I witness it's almost a pattern.

The girl has more strong felllings than the guy and the guy doesn't give or do that much for the relationship than the girl finnaly gets tired and moves on for good and the guy all of sudden after loosing her for good realizes how much he loves her and starts doing all this things to get her back, things he would never do when their were together, when he realizes he is not getting her back he suffers a lot and takes lots of time to get over her.

I've seen this story repeat over and over again it's even happenning to me I really liked this guy and although he liked me too he never showed or act upon it, until one day I moved on and all of the sudden he demonstrates how much he likes me and does all this stuff for me, things I wouldn't even dream he would do before. I heard from is friend that he is really sad and really misses me.

So my question is why does this happens so often? Do you only realize what's good until it's gone


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  • Could be, I only know of one guy this has happened too, most of them get over their ex's pretty quick with the arrival of the new girlfriend.

    When I got friend zoned the first time a asked a girl to go steady, I won't lie it was devastating, because I had never really experienced such a thing before.

    It wasn't that I couldn't handle it, I just went on with my life and had plenty of flings afterward, until I found my wife and pretty much held on to her, trying very hard to not make the same mistakes with my first crush.

    So, I'm kinda glad that my first crush friend zoned me, I later realized she and I were very different and probably wouldn't last long anyways.


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  • Men fall in love easier. Women can take longer, women are driven by emotion, so when they invest that into a partner and it fails them, it can be much for difficult for them to get over and recover.

    The needyness is men is not as severe as a woman trying to recover.

    It has actually been proven that women can experience physical pain from that,

    Migranes and pain in their lower abdomen, same area where butterflies are felt.

  • Obviously they are taking the person for granted. This kind of happened to me before, but I don't think it will again. My opinion changed toward relationships.

  • I've seen the story you describe working in the opposite direction. The common element is that one person pursues the other till they date them, then the pursuer eventually realizes that although they 'got' them they aren't really getting enthusiasm or getting their needs met, so they move on. The person who is dumped misses being treated well (though they probably shouldn't be with that person anyway).

    Are girls more likely to pursue guys who aren't that into them right away? I'd have guessed among young people its more the opposite, but I don't know. Both genders do both. Maybe the reality is that -most- guys and girls are trying to convince a small subset of the other gender to date them, and that group, having lots of options, tends to be more selfish. So there's a small group of sought after selfish guys and girls, and everyone else is going after them, then eventually getting sick of them.

  • Contrary to your belief, studies have shown that men fall in love way more easily than women.

  • there are two types:

    1) the typical (your ex)

    2) the individual type who won't just give a sh*t if you want to move on.

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  • according to studies. Men report falling in love right away. women took longer. men reported falling in love three times the amount that women reported falling in love. men reported marrying two to three times as much as women. in there lifetime.

    men fall in love quicker,get into more relationships and marry more often than women.

    i think people often recover new or strong feelings when someone is moving on. maybe they realize what they are missing.. maybe its an ho thing and thy just don't like the idea that the person is not intrested.

    what matters is how he acts when he is with u. not when yore leaving. imo.

    • Are these cosmo studies? I really don't know how you can really quantify such a subject emotion. Think about "men reported marrying two to three times as much as women" for a second. How is that possible unless the men were marring other men?

      And from my personal experience, I'd say women have a hard time with break ups as well. My ex that dumped me still cries when she talks about the break up with me, but I'm over it.

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    • While the odds are off, men 'marry more often' then women because they are outnumbered by women past the age of 25 or so, and because they date downward in age while we have a generally growing population.

    • That's true, but it would make for a small percent increase if the study only checked a certain age group. There's really nothing that could account for that size of increase unless half of all marriages were between gay men. I'm guessing the men wanted to get married 2-3x as much, which I can see.

  • I believe it for the most part. But I don't fall in love easily, but when I do it's really hard and it's hard to get over him

  • Sounds about right. But men don't fall in love. They become infatuated. Big difference. Besides anytime I hear a crazy suicide story over a break up it's a dude.


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