Did I handle this situation with ex right ?

I'm blocked on her Skype ,but I write on there so I don't bother her with texts. Anyways...

Me: Got my plane ticket, its for 2/11

Me: Hope you're alright... have a bad feeling

EX: plane ticket to where ? and bad feeling about what ? ( one week later when she unblocked me )

Me: Uk

EX: Where in U.K ? o.O

Me: London, don't worry, I won't bother you ( she's in Ireland now

EX: hmm going to university there ?

Me: Yea,

EX: I see

Me: Still hate me ?

EX: Never did

Me: lol you told me to f*** off

EX: yea, Because I couldn't take it anymore and for your own good

Me: ;/ sorry, I never meant to hurt u

EX: yea yea, did you talk to my boyfriend last night ?

Me: No

Ex: Alright

Me: Was he suppose to tell me something

EX: No

Me: Than why ask ?

EX: Because smth seems to have pissed him off last night just wondering what it might have been

Me: Wow, you unblocked me just to ask about your boyfriend ? ;/


Me: Trust me, he won't be pissed for long, lol as soon as he hears you he'll be over it

EX: hmm I don't even know if it has to do with me, I was just wondering,

Me: I don't talk to him, only last time you made him to me to eff off, so yea..

Ex: alright

Me: So when am I getting reblocked ? I can't hold the I love yous much longer...

Ex: alright, I'll reblock you then, maybe we can talk normally one day, take care

Me: Nope, and you too.

I still love her alot, and she left me for her current boyfriend, because of distance... but yea.


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  • *facepalm*

    Sounds like a teenage drama show. That whole conversation was just sour from the beginning. Both of you didn't handle it maturely.

    You need to forget about her and move on. There's obviously no fixing this one, especially since she's got a boyfriend now. Not to mention, she's a total bitch and couldn't care less about you. Sorry man.

    • lol, we're both in our 20s, but could you please tell me how I could of handled it maturely ?

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    • I had not contacted her in a month, I kinda lost it when she just unblocked me to ask about her bf... I mean cmon now...

    • And I don't blame you. I would've too. But I would've just cut all ties with her if she was only concerned about her boyfriend and didn't care a bit how you were. The whole questioning you why you were going to the UK was just a facade so she could just ask you about her BF.

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  • I agree with Jmowen's answer. I think it could of been handled better on both of our parts. It was wrong for her to only unblock you to ask about her boyfriend. I think you need to just stop all contact with her for quite some time. After that time if there comes a chance to try to talk again you could try, but I personally think its best to just make a clean break. I don't feel like you can just go from caring about someone in that way to just friends. Some people can do it, I'm not saying no one can, but in my opinion and personal experience its just not a realistic expectation even if you yourself can come to view them in that way.

    I also think from what you've shared she is pretty selfish and inconsiderate. She clearly only cares about herself and now her boyfriend. I wouldn't want someone like that in my life regardless of it being a friendship or more.

    However with all this said, you know the girl and your relationship with her better than anyone here. So do what is best for YOU and your life right now. Our answers can only say so much, you know what I mean?


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