What should I do about my mother in law?

So me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years and just had a beautiful little girl. Our relationship is absolutely perfect with the exception of one thing: his mother.

Im not sure what I've done to get on her bad side, but she makes it perfectly clear (to me) that she does not like me whatsoever. She says things to the effect that his ex was so much better for him, or that we should have used protection because she didn't want me having her grandchild. When I approach my boyfriend about this, she completely denies it! Even he tells me it's hard to believe she would say things like that! She's a counselor, so she's damn good at manipulation. I feel like I'm going crazy! Not only that, but then I find that whenever I come up in conversation, she breaks down into tears because she "just can't seem to figure out why [I] don't like [her]." I understand she's not going anywhere, and I figured that because we now have a child together, she'd have the same impression of me. Apparently not. I've tried so hard to be so civil to her, up to and including inviting her out to dinner solely so she can see her grandchild. I've asked my boyfriend if I could confront her, but he says no, as he is a bit of a mama's boy and doesn't want me to put a strain on our relationship with her. What in the world do I do?


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  • This is hard - especially when she's not doing it in front of anyone else and has managed to convince people that the situation is otherwise.

    Best advice I can give - is ignore it. I know its really easy for me to say but try and avoid being anywhere with her alone - if she wants to see her grandchild she can do that with her son or with all three of you as a family. Be polite when you do see her and tell your boyfriend that while he finds it hard to believe its enough to know that its making you uncomfortable and unhappy so your going to back off from the situation. You don't owe her anything and you don't need the stress or the aggravation


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