If a guy wants you back...will he REALLY make an effort or is that just fairytale stuff?

my boyfriend and I broke up recently, and it happened when he was so completely stressed out of his mind, and I was too. we were both dealing with a lot when we saw each other (when he broke up with me) and I think something inside him just cracked because of the stress. he told me he didn't want to break up and he had no intention of doing so, but then in the end after some words were exchanged he said he thought it was best.

i immediately deleted him from my social media, and took us out of a relationship. when I cooled down I thought about how this was just another fight caused by stress. so I wrote him to say that I hoped we could get past this and that he has my number. it feels like were still together but just had a big fight and that when he is in a more stable, calm situation and not so stressed out he will see that we shouldn't have broken up. (maybe I'm in denial)

if he really wanted to get back together do you think he would call or contact me, even though I deleted him off of social media and took our pictures down?

how far are guys willing to go to get back with a girl they broke up with?


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  • If he wanted to he would of likely already made an effort. There are no do overs in life I am sorry, but once someone is gone they are gone. If you really wanted to stay with him you have a very short time period following a break up to try and say something. Seeing as you deleated him from all the social network sites he figured you didn't want anything to do with him and he moved on.


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  • Social media doesn't have sh*t to do with relationships. Yes, it is fairytale dreams sprinkled with crack dust to think some guy will get mistreated, get in huge fights, decide he wants to break up and then for some reason come back for more punishment

    In some circumstances when a guy liked a girl, and that girl didn't know what she wanted, and she comes back to him later and really puts in the work, he might give it a second look. All that crap about women abusing men, and men rethinking the fight and taking responsibility for how crappy they were treated by a girl and standing outside her window playing a guitar is just retarded. lol I know girls love to believe it, because it means they can do whatever they want and some dude will stalk her until she forgives him for her mistakes, but that's just insane.

    • nobody said the guy got mistreated...i treated him incredibly well, I was always there for him, I was understanding of his work and respected his space. nobody abused anybody here. and when I say "fight" I don't mean physical I mean it was just your average tiff about things in general, but that combined with the excessive amount of stress we were both under made him crack I think. but thanks for your input

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    • things to be repaired and return to normal, guys don't really expect that to happen. We know most girls won't do it, so we just move the f*** on to new girls.

    • The big difference is we don't expect it, and have a general feeling it will never happen, but if things are to be repaired it needs to happen, we just know it won't. lol

  • The same effort to win you back into a relationship could be disguised as the same effort to win you back into bed.

    Otherwise you're mediocre at best.


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