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My Ex boyfriend and I have been broken up for about a year and half. I was living at my parents still because I was going to school and only working part-time, so my rent was $300 month included everything. Well my boyfriend didn't like that I was living at my parents. Anyways unfortunately, I am still renting and living at my parents.

About 7months ago my Ex contacted me and we talked for about an hour and he asked me where I was living. I told him still renting and living at my parents. He said "Oh, really". Then the conversation slowly ended after that.

The other night my Ex boyfriend contacted me again. We were having a good conversation and laughing, but somehow it turned into discussing our relationship.

I said " Well I'm guessing you didn't enjoy and want to be with me as much as I did. So you went and found better, huh?"

He said "No"

He said "What do you mean"

I said "Well where am I? and Where are you?"

He said "You are not sure and I'm waiting for you"

I said "I am not sure of what? and Your waiting for me?"

He said" Where do you live?"

I said "same place"

That was the end of our conversation. I have not heard from him since. I don't know what to think. Does he still have feelings for me and wants to be with me? Is he waiting for me to move out of parents and things will be different?

Any thought and opinion, even advice.

greatly appreciated!

Thank You.


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  • It sounds like he wants you to want him back and make it on his terms and that he feels like he is "settling" for you because you're living at home with your parents. I think he can't get another woman at this point so he is calling you up seeing if you'll "crawl back." I think he's got ego issues about this though.

    I usually see it the other way around where the woman is "dating a bum who lives with his parents" so seeing a guy being all uptight about a woman living with her parents is odd to me.


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  • I would guess he struck out with other girls and wants you back in his life, if only to fill a gap for a while. He also wants it in his own way ... meaning he wants you if you are not living at home.

    Words that come to mind ... greedy, self-centered, selfish, user, un-compassionate, and immature, and that's just for starters. Hopefully you can find a guy who understands your situation and not just his own.

  • Passive aggressive for sure. Doesn't like the parental concept because he knows he can't come and go as he pleases even as an ex.

  • He wants to be with you that's what he is saying


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