Ex boyfriend , will he contact me again ?

I broke up with my ex at the beginning of the year after dating for just over a year. We did not end well and I was already over the relationship before I broke it off.

My ex kept texting and calling me wanting me back and then I told him I was in a relationship ( this is months later) he still continued to call and was heading overseas and wanted to pay for my ticket to join him or if I would take him back he'd stay. He tried to impress me with how he got a promotion etc.

now after 3 months since he last texted and he knows I have a bf.

He texted and called me to first apologize for everything he has done and said that he will wait for me once again. He said he never wanted to break up and he misses me. I was angry at him and kinda told him off and he kept trying to talk how I am my family and my relationship . Asked if I was happy etc.

Two weeks after that I was cleaning through things as I am moving . And texted only because I found sentimental things of his that I didn't know I had, so I could return , he replied straight away and just said to keep them or get rid of them . I told him I can't just throw it Nd I dnt want it .no response on his behalf .

His behavior is a bit weird I dnt know what to expect because when I think he should b done and over with why contact me?

Can anyone tell me what is with him because I dnt get him and his random texting months apart or if he will do it again .

I only care because we must remain civil as we are involved in certain community things and must keep that respect . And I kinda wanna have the upper hand.


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  • So basically you dumped the guy.

    He didn't want to break up and tried to get back with you (once again ?).

    You told him he shouldn't think about it.

    And then you text him that you found romantic things and that he could get them back.

    And you want to keep the upper hand ? Looks to me more like wanting to torture him.

    Don't worry, you've crossed the point of civil behavior there, by twisting the knife one last time.

    If he has a bit of self-esteem, you'll probably never hear from him again.


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  • rofl.

    Wait till the day that you realize that he was the one. Then ull regret wanting to have the "upper hand". Sounds to me like your just doing this to feed your ego, and your actually ruining something good.

  • he wants you ut is trying to move on and memories of things he has already (in his immediate memory) forgotten. Isn't going to help he know this, so leave it alone and move on and don't contact him first ...or reply...end it you don't want him, you can't be friends, at least right now

  • well first and foremost you have no upper hand...you have no hand. you gave up he tried to get you back...you said no and got in a new relationship. he may have screwed up the relationship but if he fixed himself and wanted a 2nd chance and after some time you kept saying no. the man will give up.he said keep them or toss them because he may have moved on or just gave up. just like you did. you can't push someone away, move on and still expect him to carry a torch for you. point is he messed up fixed himself then try to fix the relationship. you slammed the door in his face...then asked why he;s hurt. then you want the upper hand on how he feel's...that's the signs of an egotistical toxic ex if I ever heard of one. if you have feelings for him then take him back. if not do him a favor and change your number and stop talking to him. allow him to move on. take the upper hand in that. help him move on. back doing active NO CONTACT.


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  • In all honesty, I think it's unfair that you have a boyfriend but want to remain in contact with your ex and 'have the upper hand'. People can be civil without having private phone convos, etc. Does your boyfriend know about this? If so, how does he feel?

    If you keep giving a guy rope and attention, he will continue to reach out to you. If you make it 100% clear and direct that you wish to be civil when need be, but do not want anything further with him, he will get the picture. It seems like your leading him on in your own way, and if you truly do not want to talk to him, you need to stop before you risk your current relationship.


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