Do you think I overreacted?

I dated this guy for about two months, before he moved to another state for his job. One of the reasons we first started talking in the first place is because I am also moving to the same area as him for school, but I don't move until three months after him. I met his family and everything, so I assumed that he really liked me. Then after he'd been out there for maybe two weeks, I saw that he had been hanging out with some girl out there. I asked him about it and he said they'd gone out a few times. I got super pissed after that, and told him off. He told me that I shouldn't have expected him to wait around for me unit I got down there, and that he trying to make friends and couldn't handle a commitment. I feel like two months is enough time, that if you like someone you shouldn't be trying to go out with other people. Do you think I overreacted or would you feel this way too?


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  • No, you didn't overreact. You're logic is almost perfect. He either liked this girl more than you, for whatever the reason, or it says something bad about him. Either way, you should let him go.


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