Is this still considered cheating?

Suppose a person (man or woman) is in a serious committed relationship with a bisexual of the opposite gender, and he/she comes to know that this bisexual person has cheated on him/her with someone of the same gender as the bisexual. In such cases, is it still considered 'cheating' in the conventional way? If so, does this kind of cheating cause more/less pain and hurt compared to being cheated on by your partner with someone of the opposite gender of the partner?

An update: Also, would it be considered 'moral' if a bisexual person has two partners, each of different gender?


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  • It depends on the person you're with, but I'd certainly consider it cheating and I think most other people would too. It wouldn't be as bad to me as if they were cheating on me with someone my same sex, but it would still be bad enough for me to not want to remain together. I don't want to share my boyfriend with anybody else.

    And there's nothing wrong with a relationship like the one you described in your update as long as all 3 people are okay with the arrangement.


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  • This is most definitely considered cheating. While it will not feel the same to the partner of the cheater as conventional cheating, it will still hurt.

    When a man cheats on his wife with woman, the partner of that man can compare herself to that woman and rationalize why he would do that. Now, I have heard that when a man cheats with another man, that the woman is unable to compare herself to that other man, since they are different genders. She can in no way "compete" with her partner's lover. That not only hurts, but is very confusing too

    • Yeah, I get your point. Nice answer! I asked this question because 4 years back I had a girlfriend who had cheated on me with another girl. I felt really confused and hurt, more so because I never knew she was bisexual, since she always made me believe that she was straight.

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  • It's still cheating. I'll never understand where being with the person of the same gender isn't considered cheating when the couple is a straight one.

    It'd still be cheating if a man in a gay relationship had sex with a girl, wouldn't it?


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  • Cheating is cheating.


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