It's so hard to break up

its so hard to break up it feels as if the person isn't right for you and yet you feel as if its so diff to do it. you know he's not the right person like whenever he says sumting it offends u. he cares bout you but doesn't understand u, he thinks ure feeling wtvr he thinks ure going through but it is not exactly how you felt, or maybe its the total oppoisite or not even close to it.

u feel like something is missing out if you break up and you don't know where to start. I don't know who to talk to regarding my relationship. :( those who are close to me do not know of this relationship :( any advice? help pls? :(


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  • Yeah it can be really hard. I've gotten out of 3 month ones that hurt to one that was like a marriage and it was really devastating. The truth is that almost anything that happens to you, literally almost anything, will not matter in 2 months. It really hurts at first, but the pain stops. Most of us learn to adjust.


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  • tell him how you feel if he cares he will understand. I hope it helped!

    if you could try to answer my question that would be very helpful thank you!


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