Does it sound like he isn't over his ex?

whether its good or bad about her, he still talk about her. he call her names but go back on his word about her every time. we been together almost a year and he try to make social media such as twitter think he hate her but he refuse to talk about to people. he just tweet out his feelings about her. why you think he can't stop talking about his ex girlfriend? I get tired of asking him about his ex


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  • If he's still talking about his ex, then he's not over his ex.

    • i really don't wanna think that but its true

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  • No offense meant, but your grammar is horrible, so I'm not completely sure what you wrote. If it's that he still talks about her to you and that he complains about her on twitter, then yes he isn't over her—obviously.

  • tell him you don't like it and you're fed up about it. if you don't take a stand on what you will or will not put up with, people will just make them up for you. make one here

    • what I don't understand is, you haven't tweeted in months but your first tweet is about her smh people ignore him on there

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    • he won't let me text or talk to her. he always say he want her to stop texting but never do anything about it. he blocked her number but that's nothing new I hear. he always unblock her number or talk to her while she's blocked

    • ok then, you're boyfriend is doing f***ed up sh*t right in front of yoru eyes and you are avoiding dealing with it

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