Messaging her mom?

Soo I went through a ton of sh*t with this chick, she basically used the hell out of me, rebounded me, and lied to me about getting back together with the guy she rebounded me for, so I went off on her and blocked her on everything, she is a bit mentally unstable because of her fiance that died a few years back, so I messaged her mom on Facebook, I tried to be professional about it, I've never met her mom, but I'm fairly certain she knows who I am because me and this chick Skyped a lot and my name would occasionally come up, anyway this message was out of pure concern, but her mom will only see it if I add her on Facebook, would it be weird and just cause more drama if I did that though?
Well I have moved on, I blocked her on everything and told her off, but I messaged her mom telling her I'm worried about her mental well being in a really nice way, should I cancel the friend request or keep it, if I cancel it her mom will never see the message


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  • I've never messaged a girls mom before not sure what would come out of that , honestly if things have got that bad with this girl maybe its time to step away for a while and take a break from trying to date her , it doesn't appear to be a positive situation

  • just move on is the best thing you can do in my opinion.


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