Can someone give me advice/opinion....feeling a little sad

Okay so I am a 16 year old girl and never had my first kiss or had anything physical with a guy...In middle school I never went out with someone because I moved schools a lot and the school that I went to...didn't have nice or attractive guys to me...they were only into one thing...I'm a junior now and I don't go to school every day..I'm kinda home schooled ..It's complicated...and well I told my friend to ask this guy that I liked why he didn't talk to me anymore...and my friend told me back that he doesn't know me and wanted a picture...and long story short the school year was ending and he found out I liked him and he liked me back...but we never actually talked we would just stare at each other and not say anything which was weird...(this was freshman year...) my crush was a year older than me so he was a sophmore...then later I ran into him at a store and I looked like crap and he stopped liking me.. and .then when I was a sophomore he liked me because at a dance he thought I looked pretty...and then I played hard to get for awhile and started liking him at the end of the year...and he still liked me...then I guess he got jealous Because another guy PRETENDED to touch me in front of him...and then he stopped liking me...and now here I am as a junior and I have never kissed a guy or anything...I'm just feeling a little sad and I just need advice... thanks :)

and if for some reason he still likes me I can't go out with him because he got a girl pregnant freshmen year and his parents still want them together...

and he was a douche because I heard that he only liked me because I was a cheerleader
and then I am friends with one his his close friends...and on a social media I follow him...and I guess he went on his friends account and unfollowed me.. ;/


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  • It's very hard when you are hung up on one person, I feel for you.

    The only way you can understand what you want in life is to have a range of experiences (not just sexual ones!), with a range of people. That way you can compare, and learn more about yourself. There is no age when you must have certain experiences, no deadline. You keep learning your whole life.

    It does not make you less than someone else if you have not kissed a guy, or done something else. The most valuable thing is when you learn your true self-worth.

    In your future there will be people who value and respect you, you can learn to recognise them if you try, and if you are prepared to look for them.


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  • True stop obsessing and keep your mind on your studies, because you English is very sucky or you just big troll.


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  • Stop obsessing over this a**hole and be happy you aren't the one with his baby. He never like you he just wanted to get laid.

    You will get kissed, you're only 16. First you need to date some people, you never even had a date. Again you're only 16, dating shouldn't be that important. But we were all your age once and you think you need to have done things because other have, etc.

    It will happen when it's supposed to.

  • If you're 16 why does the age say 30 to 35?

    • hahahah I know I don't know how to change it :p

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