Ladies, how do I act around my ex to get her back?

She said she don't know how she feels I'm having my birthday over a mutual friends house. This mutual friend ask if she (my ex) wanted too come and celebrate my birthday. She said sure. I know this because our friend showed me the text. My question is if I want her the way she did the dumping...but how should I act if I want to get her back to get her interested in me again. I still love her. She said not to wait for her and she's afraid that if we get back together we'll go back to how we where.

Problem was she wasn't communicating and that wasn't really to problem it was I wasn't deal with the death of my family memeber in the right way wasn't talking or getting mt feelings out I kept then in. I was afriad of losing more...of losing when she hung out or talk to guy friends I would get mad and jealous. I mean I have girl friends I really didn't care it was the fear of losing her and not dealing with my issue. After losing her and spending time with only myself I have gotton over the issue. Everything about my personality has changed except the feelings I have for her. I want her back

And that's the problem she's afraid I'm still having this issue and just actng but I'm not. I want to prove to her that I am not only back to the man she fell for but I'm better. I just know how I should act around her. Should I be flirty or not should I say anything in particular or not say anything? I'm just confliced what should I do?


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  • This is a tough one. I suggest just being friendly to her at first. Kinda sneak your way back in to her life.

    • I don't really want to sneak. Or lie or bend my way in. I just want to have a 2nd chance. To prove to her that. Things would be better. To have her confidence in me again. To have her feeling back again.Maybe one day her love again. I treated her really good its just these last few months we have been fighting. I'm just aafraid that she's focusing only on the bad only on the fights and not allll the good times. I never hit her. And never cheated.

    • When I say "sneak" I don't mean lie or manipulate your way back in. I just mean baby steps. Don't just jump back in and be all flirtatious, and ask for a second chance. Just start talking to her more. Keep it light and happy for now. Don't bring in the heavy "give me a second chance" stuff yet. Just baby steps.

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  • How long were you broken up?


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  • Be friendly. Don't act like her boyfriend. Be cool. Talk to her, and see how she feels about getting back together.


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