I feel like a fool, where do I go from here?

when my ex and I broke up I wrote him a heartfelt email saying that I wanted to make things work and that I thought they could. he hadn't gotten back to me, and I was beginning to accept, and even hope, that he wouldnt, because it would have been a week since I wrote it.

tonight, surprisingly, he wrote back and this is what he said:


This week has been crazy and I wanted to take a few days to think about everything after I got your e-mail. I think it's best we leave things the way they are.

I hope your new job is everything you expected. I wish you all the best of luck and know things will only get better for you. I will always value the time we had together and though I know we can't be friends now I'm hoping one day that can change."

the email he sent (the text above) it was all "business" like and seemed like there was no emotion in it. it hurts so bad that I wrote him a long email admitting my faults (though he had plenty of his own) and letting him know, from my heart, that I wanted to make it work and thought it could.

where do I go from here? I'm not going to email him back, or contact him...try to argue my case for why we should still be together.

i feel like a fool for emailing him in the first place, and now I'm hurting even more that he responded. I know I have to just move on. however...

i mainly want to know what are your thoughts on his response to my email?


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  • Don't feel bad for sending your email. If you hadn't, you'd still just be wondering what he was thinking. I think his response was polite and to the point. Guys don't draw things out like girls do. He's ready for both of you to move on with your life and is smart to know that a friendship right now is not a realistic idea. Essentially, not contacting him is absolutely the best thing you can do. If he changes his mind, he'll let you know.


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