I found her, we used to be infactuated with each other now she's acting strange and what's up?

She changed her info on one site. Masked it. Then on Twitter she quit saying how in love she was with him. Why? They are still together. In fact half her relationship she was with him. But she was confused wanting to dump him for me. She begged me. Now... She's got to years of tweets telling him how deeply in love she was. But after We lost contact she got all into him. He got and stold her bye his authority. He is the bad boy type. He is black. I'm white. She gets excited about everything. She did everything to get me but I couldn't . She wanted me to the end. She went into shock before she left.. It didn't work out. I sent a letter to her gmail telling her how priceless she was. No response. She never blocked me. Now what? He snooped my social sites. I'm a christian and successful. I keep everything clean. Why not continue with her I love you. God blessed me I'm the happiest girl stuff on Twitter. He's backed off also. No photos of each other. I don't get it they are still together going out with friends having a blast. Why not show she's taken. Why is he doing the same

. As a black man you would think he would want to rub it in he got whitey. All I have to do is read her past tweets of her past love notes to him... He hinted they are together. Is she protecting something? Some emotions? Why not email me back? Say something?


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