I guess I like him, but does he like me back ?

There's this guy in my college and we attend one of the classes together I guess I like him lol but I'm not sure if he likes me back or no

When he sees me he really smile at me and I smile back we also sit and hang in the same group

So does he likes me back or just smiling and staring means nothingand what should I do to get in contact with him I'm a shy person so I can't just ask for his phone number or his bb pin

What should I doooooo ;$


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  • You can usually tell if he likes you by the way he stares at you. Especially when you hold eye contact.

    • He does stare at me but I don't hold eye contact because I'm shy lol and when he sees me walking to him to say hi he smiles a lot

      And how can I be in contact with him ?

      Like make him ask for my number or something

    • You say you two are in the same group? Why not ask him to exchange numbers to work on homework together? Tell him you need help and he will feel like a knight in shiny armor going to save the damsel in distress.

    • Yeah we are

      Okay ill try and do that

  • he likes you. talk to him!

    • I hope you're right

      Thanks ...

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