How do I get a guy's attention?

I've had a crush on this guy for months, it began when I was still with my (now) ex-boyfriend so I tried to get my mind away from him...

I have to say me and my crush see each other almost everyday because we both are in the same music Uni and we play together in quartet so I thought it was partly due to the fact that feelings often get involved when you share such a personal thing like making music together...but when I tried to lock my feelings down it only got worse. He gave me the attention my boyfriend didn't and we also started seeing each other in different situations like going out with some friends or us both having lunch together in-between rehearsals and it only kept getting stronger and stronger. At some point my best friend told me how she saw he was clearly flirting with me and that just made me fall a bit more for him.

On our last night in london before we both went back home for the summer, things were so bad with my (ex)boyfriend that he went home without me even though we weren't going to see each other for the whole summer.I went out partying and me and my crush ended up at some random club in shoreditch when everyone else we knew had already went home. Upset after several months feeling frustrated with my relationship, I told him I was finally going to break up with my boyfriend and he stole a kiss from me while dancing.We went outside to talk about it and even though we kept repeating it just couldn't happen we couldn't stop ourselves from kissing each other like crazy and confessing it all.He said he felt unbearably attracted to me and that he had been wanting me for months, but that wasn't right and I didn't want to go any further. Me and my boyfriend broke up but it was too late, Uni was over and I didn't see my crush for two months.

September arrived and we saw each other the first day of term. I tried playing it cool (my friends' eternal advice) but as soon as I went in the room we saw each other and he started laughing and staring at me. We talked for the whole day and went out at night, and kept talking. I told him about breaking up with my boyfriend and he seemed pleased...the next day we went out again, and talked for the whole evening again. When everyone was about to leave, he came really close to me, his face 2 cm away from mine, and after flirting a bit more he asked if I wanted to go home with him. I said "maybe..." and he replied "I really think we shouldn't. If we do this things are going to be awkward between us for ever and what we have now will be gone". I got really annoyed because I felt he had been playing games with me and ignored him for two days, then things went back to normal. The next time we were out he got me a drink and I told him I'd drink it if he kissed me, and he rejected me again saying I was making it harder for him than it already was, and even though he insists he does like me, he's rejected me twice and I don't know what to do to change his mind.

Anyone can help me out? I'm so confused


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  • sounds like he doesn't even know what he really wants. You seem to have been fairly forward with him. I mean, if he rejects you even though he likes you, that's just...I wouldn't even bother with him anymore, or at least ask him he feels progressing the relationship isn't worth the risk.

    ...but as for the question of the title? Plenty of ways - flirt, show your t&a, etc. But you're passed that part lol.


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