How would you react if a woman told you you're moving too fast physically and want to slow down.

I have been dating this guy for about 1.5 months and he is awesome! He's really sweet and nice. We went out of town last weekend and I had too much to drink and we ended up having sex. I really just wanted to get to know him better before we had sex so now I feel like we did it too soon. I don't want to do it again until we hang out more but I'm nervous to hear his reaction so how would you react?
Thanks for the responses... They were all very helpful. So this guy ends up being even more awesome than I thought. I was hanging out with him and trying to find the right moment to bring up the whole moving fast situation and he just came out and said that he was sorry for moving to fast with me and that we can move slower and that he really likes hanging out with me. What a weight lifted off my back but it's awesome to know that he gets me!


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  • If you told me... "hey the sex was good and all... but honestly I would prefer if we went slower... I felt it was too soon and I don't really want to have it regular until after some time going out. I know we've been dating already for more than amonth and that we already had sex but I still would prefer to wait a bit longer"

    I would really understand if you told me that and every guy should

    You are strong and indipendent... the only thing he can do is either say "I respect your toughts" or "I am out of here" (if he chooses answer number too... ccongratulations! you just got a jerk out of your life) if he is really interested in you and in love: he will understand, BECAUSE HE CARES!


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  • I would respect your wishes. I might be a little confused, but hopefully we would talk and come to an understanding. Ultimately I would understand, feel the same way and want to get to know you more.

    Hopefully he is interested and understanding. If not you just played the player. Good luck.

  • it all depends on how you approach him about this topic. You can start by stating how awesome he is and all his great assets then explain your problems. The no sex thing would be a bummer especially that he already had it once but he should understand :)


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