She seems distant! We've been together a year ago, we broke-up, we got back together.

We're both in the same university and we used to hangout together pretty much, After the holiday started we each went back to our home countries making this a long term relationship. At the start we used to text a lot, hours a day, call and all sorts of communication.

But recently she stopped texting me first and it seems like I'm the one trying hard here to stay in touch so I told her direct exactly what I just said, I also asked her if there is anything going on back home bothering her ? Maybe that's why she is distant. Anyway, she said "can we talk about this tomorrow, you will get my text by the time you wake up" then we wished one another good nights and that's all. I haven't heard of her since and I didn't text her either and this has been going on for about 5 days now until today which I received a text wishing me a happy birthday and a great day tomorrow.

What does all of this mean? Is she trying to break up? Does she want more attention? Does she need space?

WOMEN are just impossible to understand.


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