Why are we having trust issues?

My boyfriend and I have been dating over a year. We used to work together and now we don't. SO now we don't see each other all day and when we do see each other, we are both curious about what the other has been up to and who he/she has interacted with all day.

The other day, my boyfriend told me that he is having minor trust issues with me and for no apparent reason. I have not done anything to make him think that I am lying or cheating on him. He said that and that he is being irrational. What can I do to comfort him?

Similarilty, I am having minor trust issues with him too because he is on his phone so much. What is going on with us? We have been been hurt really bad in the past and have not trusted our ex's. So what do we do? Is it a phase that will be over sooN


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  • The job change could precipitate something like this although it sounds more like an increase in stress. When one of you changed jobs, did that result in more stress? At least your boyfriend admits that his issues are irrational. I assume you feel the same way about your concerns for his phone time?

    It might help to have a plan that you can both work on together to help relieve the bouts of mistrust. For example, you could invite each other to get together with fellow workers after work. That way you are making a public statement together that you are a couple. People who are cheating on their SO's don't like to do things like that. You would be taking a stand together against your fears.


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  • It's not what he or you did that cause the trust issue. It is what you both experienced from past relationship and it sucks so much that causes us to doubt our new partners. I guess honesty from both side can really help minimising this issues. I have really bad trust issues cause by my ex but my new boyfriend never lie to me. And slowly I learn to trust that he is not my ex. He is a responsible man who will not make me worry and he has never lie to me. I still have trust issue but I take some time and think about how my boyfriend is not like my ex. He is a wonderful man and I guess I can slowly trust again.


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