So we ended up "taking a break" ...Someone please help me, I really need advice.

ok, so I've been with my boyfriend for two years and we've been arguing a lot lately and it seems like our entire relationship has gotten boring and the way we both talk to each other, it's just like we're only friends. There are no cute little texts anymore, it's like he only says 'I love you", "babe" or "baby" just to say it, it's like there isn't any meaning to it, so I brought this up and we started talking about how we're both so distant from each other and he told me that sometimes he thinks that of we break up that it would do us some good. He told me he would start feeling like he missed me and that knowing I'm not his anymore, he'd do anything to be with me and do cute things for me and whatnot. But here is the issue, he should be already doing that even when we are together, right? Just because you do sweet things to get the girl, doesn't mean they stop once you're finally together. So we ended up "taking a break" and he told me that this was just between us, that no one else knows about this. He told me the rest of the world knows we're together, that this was only between us.. and today not to long ago, he told me he feels more relaxed and I don't what I should do.. like this whole situation seems bizarre to me.. I don't understand.
btw, we've broken up twice already, The first time was in Feb. 2012, he cheated on me and when he realize what a stupid mistake he made, he did everything he could to get me back and eventually we were together again, he did change his ways, he matured up and I regained trust in him because he showed me he wouldn't do anything stupid and the 2nd time we broke up was around July of that same year, we had gotten into many fights and he had enough and ended it. We got back together in Feb of 2013.


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  • when you love someone it doesn't dilute over time! it grows over time! your time together should bring you two together if your really in a loving relationship, not apart. this relationship seems to be more of just being used to each other, than loving each other. the chase is what brought you guys together not the Finnish line. due to your history in multibal break ups, they point to the fact that once you guys are together, you see that there is nothing there. I say be open to the fact that taking a break perminately would be a good idea. because I'm shure that this back and forth thing is bound to go on forever.


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  • honestly. When a guy grows distant..theres usually someone else. He cheated on you before, therefore he wouldn't want you to know that this time around, chances are if you dig deeper you will find evidence..i would never go back to a guy if he cheated,i did once and it ended badly.


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