How to cope with my boyfriend being busy and away all the time?

I know he is not cheating. He's a strict christian who is against that. Plus he already been through that with his parents so basically traunatized I guess.

We began going out 2 years ago and just moved in together. We go to the same college but different scheduals I have mostly afternoon and night. He has morning and the early afternoon. He is always filled with work to do. Coaches this baseball little league, coaches basketball on the weekends, volunteers some days at this recreational center and he has school. He is never home anymore and Ibarely get to speak to him. If I wake up super early he's there. I have things to do as well like volunteer at a nursing home on the weekends, Mondays and Fridays and I go to the gym. It seems like he puts his little leagues first now and not me. He would come home around 10 or 11 still relatively early to me but says he's tired and to get off his back about it. I stay awake waiting for him most nights and its all for nothig because he is too tired for sex or a date night. I mean I don't want him to quit or anything butI would like at least 2 days to be with him... I've tried speaking to him about this but he says why are you being so selfish blah blah blah. I'm finding myself crying every morning now because I miss him.


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  • How about maybe going to his little league games and cheering him on.

    Ok, so what you are going through is rough! I have been on both sides before and it is so difficult, but neither one of you should have to sacrifice who you are. Try and work around the schedules and see if you can try and pre-plan something on a reoccurring basis. Maybe make breakfast together on Sunday mornings? You both have to eat :) just get creative and try to appreciate him (and yourself never forget yourself!)

    Also don't worry about people who say he's cheating ;) believe me a girl knows when she is being cheated on she just chooses not to see it for the most part. Trust your gut! You know when something is up and when it's not :)

    • @turtleluv all I can say is wow! You resort to name calling and then block me for continuing discussion! This girl said her boyfriend was a Christian whose boyfriend believed cheating was wrong not sex out of wedlock is wrong. So, no, she was not being a hypocrite! She is looking for help on a platform that promotes open discussion not name calling! Clearly you have the wrong site if this is a place you believe you can shove your morals down others' throats and then refuse discussion...

    • Also, @turtleluv, I would consider changing your profile which states that you are the sweet and sensitive type as you are clearly neither. Choose another descriptor, which better suites you, because the false impression, just makes you seem even more like and uptight bitch :)

    • Thanks for the BA I hope everything is getting easier and working out :)

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  • First being christian doesn't mean you don't cheat. The fact that 2 people relying on christianity as a fulfilling relationship and having sex out of wedlock means you are both hypocrites. And having your parents as a bad example makes it more likely he will struggle being faithful. Do some research on it.

    This is your relationship, he won't change. The only thing you can do is join more clubs/hobbies to distract you and live with it. Or get out of the relationship.

    You are both very young to be settled on each other.

    • I second this. At least, the part about hypocrisy. He may not be cheating, but if he enjoys the way his life is now, he's not going to change it.

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    • Hey dumbf*** read my response before trying to argue with me. She uses religion to reason some BEHAVIOR but then ignores other parts. I'm just stating facts. I never said all other people were great at following their religion. It's not my fault that most religious people are hypocrites and that statement has nothing to do with this. She brought up religion I just pointed out why she shouldn't be using it as a basis for someone's behavior when they already don't follow it.

    • Wow looks like someone is into name calling...

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