Should I break up with my boyfriend?

I just recently started dating this guy, I really like him but I'm starting to feel like this is a bad idea. He is an aspiring rapper, he is a bit famous right now but is getting more so each day and this is really his only job other than selling meth. he's not a big meth dealer its just for money and he doesn't do it (anymore). omg just typing this out I feel like an idiot because I'm so completely infatuated with him but I've paid for almost everything and I hate all his fan girls messaging him and how cocky he gets over it. I feel like I'm falling in love with him and I'm 99% sure he feels the same but I feel like a loser because of this. Is it worth waiting to see if he does make a living off rap but also stays faithful and then actually has a job lol or should I smarten up and not stay with someone like this.
Damnit. Things aren't as bad as they seem when typed out, I really do think he's a good guy and cares about me. I don't know what to do. Thank you for your answers, I should have expected them but I wanted some reassurance that this was okay I guess.


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  • It is obvious he is using you for some aspect of utilities. He is extremely cocky which shows his overly zealous ego which can make him more likely to drop you when another woman offering something supposedly "better" in his eye comes around the corner. You can do better than an aspiring rapper who once sold drugs and has insecurities by using membranes of women to hide his illicit issues. You seem smart, so you seem to have answered your own question about him. We ask what we already know the answer too but we need validation.

    Good Luck

    -Nicholas Halden

    • This might be jumping to conclusions a bit?

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  • You are an idiot. Of course you 'should' break up..but the reality is you love that he's cocky, you love that he's dangerous and "almost" successful. You also love that other girls find him hot.

    So, I'd put the reality of you breaking up at 20%

  • There's no future in this'; and a high chance of getting infected with something, God knows what.

    Aside from the predilection for multiple women, and being around violent people...this relationship could be downright dangerous!

  • staying:

    -what if he never becomes a successful rapper?

    -what if he relapses and starts using again?

    -what if he gets arrested while dealing, what are you going to do?

    -will he cheat with all those groupies on his nuts?

    -will he get too cocky and forget to appreciate what he has with you?

    -what has he put into the relationship so far?

    -what does he spend his money on if you're paying for almost everything?


    -are you prepared for him to rap about you? (most likely lies about horrible things)

    -are you prepared for all his fans and groupies hating you and calling you dirty names?

    -will you regret leaving him if he becomes a successful rapper?

    -will he get crazy if you leave him since he used to do meth?

    in my opinion these are just a few of the many questions that you should consider when making a decision


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  • I wouldn't fall too much for him, he sells dope and is trying to get famous, you will get lost in the crowd of women who will throw themselves at him..u will end up hurt

  • Honestly no matter what feedback you get, you already know the real answer, That's why you are on know this is a toxic relationship with a poor ending, the question you want to be part of the pain?

  • i know you wanted reassurance that the relationship was OK but you're setting yourself up for a fall

    hes cocky and has fangirls throwing themselves at him - he will cheat on you with one I guarantee it, your relationship is quite new so he won't feel an obligation to be faithful. he will justify it and make out you should be grateful to be with someone like him when he can have his pick of any girl

    hes using you for money if you end up paying for everything and he's broke besides DRUG DEALING even if he tells you he doesn't do it anymore , he could still be. I doubt he would give up a nice little profit on the side like drug dealing

    honestly you should leave before you fall in love with him and become his doormat, when/if he becomes famous he will hardly keep you around. he will drop you for a hot model type girl

  • Ofcourse you should leave him . There is nothing to be with him or in this relationship just end it .


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