Was some part of her being serious when she called me her gf?

Thru certain circumstances I ended up meeting a girl who was lesbian. After a couple of us hung out together for the first time she said she loved me, "no homo". didn't bother me that she only saw me as a friend. anways We started talking more and she thought I was charming and started tellling everyone she loved me and that I was" her favourite" of her new friends.

Time progressed and she began saying things like don't make me jealous, if you were gay would you be my girlfriend (I said yes and she said yay) I took all those in jest as her joking around particularly because she had said no homo.

Before she left, is when I though she might be serious. We never texted much, rarely. we mostly saw each other in person a few times a week but out of the blue she'd message me I love you. she did this a few times. she'd tell in personshe wanted to snuggle/cuddle and called me her girlfriend even sometimes to our friends. She'd always hug me tight, arms around my neck, and hold the hug for a good 10 seconds.

yet I never reciprocated much back, or flirted with her in any sense other than hugging back or playing a long with her jokes. the most I ever did was text HER I love you she said it made her day! but that was the most.

I often wonder if she seriously developd a small crush on me and then after she left gave up on me liking her back because I never took initiative?

The reason I wanna know is because I often second guess myself of when someone is interested. although it was a girl in this case, I may miss out on a guy because I don't believe someone is interested in me.


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  • Definitely sounds like she is interested in you as more than a friend.

    I think she is trying to be subtle about it in a way to kind of feel you out without scaring you.

    I had the same thing happen to me with several girls, and I found that it's not too good to "joke" around if you're not interested, because some people can't establish the difference.


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