What do guys think about cuddling?

this is a question to be answered by GUYS. I've been seeing this guy for a couple of months now. We started as friends, but we're dating now. When we watch films together we cuddle, especially while we watch horror films. We play with each others hair, he massages my neck and back sometimes and always my feet, we do spooning, I snuggle close to him while he's having his arm around me and he tells me how beautiful he thinks I am.

I've asked him if he likes spooning and stuff, but he always just say "yes". But I'm not sure if he says that just to please me?

So my question to you guys is: Do you like spooning? why/why not, and what type of cuddling to you like.

Thank you!


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  • Opinions on cuddling vary from guy to guy. I personally can not stand much physical contact. Cuddling is out of the question, especially if we haven't been together for long. My disinterest in contact stems from several factors, the most common being my childhood that I'll rather not talk about, to admittedly petty reasons like sometimes the girls are just too heavy and they can put my arms/legs to sleep or they have clammy hands.

    However, a lot of guys enjoy snuggling up to their girl friends. I have several friends who take every opportunity they get to hug and cuddle their girl friends.

    So if he says he likes it, and he's not doing things like leaning away, stiffening up, or otherwise showing signs of distress, don't worry about it. He probably truly does like being cuddled on.


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  • im a big cuddler, in my opinion its a must, makes me feel closer

  • It's relaxing


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