Is it wrong to move on after two months?

I just broke up with my boyfriend and we were dating for a year and a half and I did it because I realized that I didn't really love him. I've been talking to this other guy and we both like each other but if we make things official then I know my ex will find out and I'll feel bad. He'll start smoking and drinking even more(he started that again the day after I broke up with him)


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  • Hey Dear.. I know you are in a very bad situation.. your past and future are standing at the same point and you are afraid and have to care for both...

    First of all relationship and breakup's are normal things now a days and your ex should understnd this, as you can't force any1 in a relationship, and your ex can't force you to stay with him by doing such crap of starting drinking and smoking...

    Like the way you are sounding in the above question I can judge that you would have told him that you don't like guys who smoke and drink... and stuff? correct me if I am wrong, and he is taking the advantage of your innocence...

    If he loves you by heart in 1.5yrs relationship then he will nt be doing such thing and even he does then its not easy for one to be a regular drinker or chain smoker in a fortnight or a month.. stop worrying about him... and if he force you to come back to him else he will do such things then tell your best friend to handle.. since situation may get worse (since he may pretend or act like a pschyo ).

    Also start to maintain some gap from your ex... and try not to take his call wen he is drunk, this is a normal habbit people do and try to talk about all the past things and try to bring you back... so make it very clear.. " I DONT TALK TO PPL WHO ARE DRUNK AND IF You WANT TO TALK CALL ME WHEN You R NORMAL" and you know the ways to ignnore a person like the other girls doo.

    Last about this guy you met, enjoy life with him.. since you have one life to enjoy.. spend it with laugh and fun..

    all the best to you.. and don't worry.. its a bad phase mixed with gud one.. so focuss more on gud one...


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  • It's not your job to worry about him. You do what makes you happy. If he can't deal with it, that's his problem

  • Moving on after two months : it really depends on the feelings you had. If you were sure about your decision when you broke up, why not ? The new guy might or might not be a rebound, but that's for you to see.

    The ex-boyfriend : you have broken up with him. If he had stronger feelings for you, of course he hasn't moved on yet. The fact he's started drinking and smoking isn't your concern, even if you can find it sad. Knowing you are with someone else might even help him move on. You may feel bad, but every decision has consequences, and you had to take this one, as you wanted to break up.

  • my theory is every month for every year is how long you should wait between relationships/a rebound.

    So in your case, 1.5 months is fine, therefore making 2 months fine.

    ...ok, it's not a sound theory, just something I made up off a whim!

    As for your bf's reaction, I dunno... I know a guy like that. It basically comes down to huge amount of some kind of insecurity. You shouldn't be on pins and needles because some insecure boy who isn't even your boyfriend anymore, may pick up vices if you start dating again.

    • man, that first sentence barely made sense... for every year you guys were together, one month is the appropriate time to recover/wait before moving on. Guess people who were a couple for 8 years are pretty SOL and have to wait 8 months to rebound lol... truly an amazing theory.

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  • I know you care for him , but your boyfriend needs to find healthier ways to manage his stress.

    It is his problem, and you should not feel responsible for it.

    Your life does not stop because he does not know how to deal with his emotions.

    I hope you two are not on talking terms, because if you are that can make things worse.


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