Boyfriend of 2 years tagged himself in ex's Facebook profile pic?

So my boyfriend and I have been together about 2yrs and 3 months. We haven't had any big huge fights and honestly we hardly ever fight. Our disagreements are usually very mild.

Today I was looking through my Facebook news feed and saw that he was tagged on his ex-girlfriend's profile photo. When I checked to see who tagged him, it was himself.

So this means that he either tagged himself mistakenly while looking through her photos or he did it on purpose.

Honestly, I am a very level-headed female, but I do feel a little hurt and betrayed. What gives? Guys, why would you be looking at your ex's photos? Any input would help. Thanks.


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  • Are they still friends (actual friends, not just on Facebook)? I don't really go around tragging myself in pictures but I still hang out with one of my exes and pictures of us occasionally make their easy to Facebook. I don't personally see a problem with it. Maybe he just thought he looked good in the picture.

    Anyway. I understand that a partner's ex can be a very stress inducing person. However, some people stay friends after breakups and that doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem. If you're worried about it, talk to him. Don't let yourself over think this though.

    • Well, they don't hang out outside of Facebook. They're only friends on FB.

      The actual picture he tagged himself on is just a picture of her. A profile picture of her face, so I think he tagged himself by mistake while looking through her pictures (most likely on his cellphone).

    • That sounds like a perfectly reasonable explanation to me.


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  • Looking at Facebook is just a way of catching up on gossip about people. Naturally, he's curious about his ex..aren't you curious about yours at times, unless it was a bad and hurtful break-up, and sometimes even then?

    Facebook doesn't imply any commitment between them at all. I wouldn't pay any attention unless you start seeing other signs he's in contact with her.


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  • Um, I have no idea why he would purposely tag himself in her Facebook profile picture.

    But who doesn't get curious about what their ex is up to from time to time? Every great once in a while, I go through my ex's pictures, and I'm in a relationship. I have NO feelings for my ex, and I'm not even remotely attracted to him. But I still get curious about him from time to time. Maybe he's the same way.

    • That's true. I do it sometimes too, so I shouldn't place that double-standard on him. But should I confront him about it? Or should I let it go?

    • Idk, if it were me, I'd ask him why he tagged himself in her picture. Is just a picture of her? Or is he in it? Don't make it a big deal. Just ask.

  • That's foulllllllllllllllll.

    Are they FB friends still?

    • Yes they are. They were still friends on FB when we met, then she disappeared, and then she came back and they became friends again.

    • I find that suspicious.

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