Is this guy just not that into me?

Okay, so there is this guy in my college class who I find really attractive. During the semester we have built a Hi and Bye relationship. Recently, we have been walking afterschool and I walk him home. Sometimes I feel like I annoy him so I leave him alone. But then he leaves class, not even saying bye. So I feel assured that I annoy him. But last week after he left the class in a hurry he walked back towards me while I was walking home and when he got to me he turned around and started walking and talking to me. he even seemed a little nervous. but today, after the class ended he litterally got up, and left with out saying a word to me. we have started walking together. what the hell!
I Forgot to say, I've complimented him on his smile and play pushed him when he said something funny and Nothing! he stays there like a statue and just says thank u.
So Things have not changed with this guy. We don't talk outside of class anymore and we never ever walk outside of class with each other anymore. I kinda wanna message him asking if I can tell him something. And I wanna tell him that I wanna get something of my chest, that I think he's really cute and I had a crush on him :). Opinions?!


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  • I hope that you don't take this the wrong way, but maybe he's just now starting to notice you. There was a girl in one of my classes that had a huge crush on me, and I became embarrassed later when I realized how obvious it was. So, at first, I only saw her as a friend, but, over time, I began noticing how much she liked me, and, because people like those who like them (or appear to like them), my feelings slowly started changing. I wound up developing a crush on her, but, since it was so long after we initially meet and she had kind of cold off, I was worried that she may have started to look at me as a friend, so I was unsure how to act. There were other factors to, but it'd take a while to explain the entire thing so I'll skip it. Moral of the story, it's truly amazing how oblivious guys (or, at least, I) can be when it comes to noticing signs, even really, really big and obvious ones.

    Back to your situation, it was only one time, and there could have been many legitimate reasons for which he had to take off on that day. And, really, even if he starts doing it regularly, he could be doing it because his work schedule may have changed or something similar. Just try and show him interest and have fun around him, and he'll probably figure it out sooner or later.

    • Oh okay. Thanks a lot for your help :)

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  • First DO NOT SLEEP WITH SOMEONE IN YOUR CLASS! This is coming from experience! Don't do it think about how long your program is imagine seeing your ex every single day in class or imagine that it just turns into fun everyone in your class will find out and imagine the looks the information about you being spread to an entire class what you were like in bed all that.

    • I really didn't plan on sleeping with him. It is a crush tho. and what do you think his feelings towards me are?

    • Are you in high school cause most college boys really are looking for one thing. And I say hi and bye and talk to plenty of people in the hall doesn't mean anything

    • no I am in my first year of college

  • He may be

    A) Real shy


    B) Hesitate in pursuing something with you (maybe he's not ready for a relationship or already is in one).

    His reactions towards you doesn't seem consistent.

    Maybe he likes you so much that he gets very nervous and doesn't know how to be himself around you.

    If this is the case you have to take the lead.

    Ask him to hang out sometime and see his response.

    The only way you'll know what's really going on is if you take a leap.

    • Thank You so much! I'm going to take the lead then. rejection is scary but oh well..

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