Is my ex hinting that he is 'interested' in getting back together again?

So my ex and I (who left me three months ago) have been talking a lot lately after a long 2 months of not talking. He's almost always the one to initiate the conversation (more so than we were together). He's always been a sweet guy, but he's noticed and complimented me on a bunch of things that he never has before. He's constantly asking me how I'm doing and if my answer isn't 'great' he'll push and ask what's up until I explain. I don't think he ever did that to such extent when we were together. I can't figure out why else he would be so concerned or interested in me again except that he may be interested in getting back together? He's not a very straightforward guy and from day one I was always trying to figure him out. (One of the things I found intriguing about him). Do you think he's expressing interest in me because he wants to get back together? The reason we broke up was because he said he wanted a better friendship to base our relationship on. (Although we dated for 3 months before we considered ourselves 'serious'.). Could he be ready to try again? Should I take him back?


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  • guys broke up because he wanted a better friendship to base the relationship. Not to sound mean in anyway but I am going to be honest...that doesn't make sense, AT ALL.

    Throw him in the Old Friend Bin, or the Friend Zone and keep him there. Never move backward, only forward. Find someone who is serious and willing to stick the relationship out no matter what.

    Bottom line...Don't try again...don't take him back.



    • No offence taken... I *know* it doesn't make sense, and that's why I was confused when we broke up. He deserves the Friend zone, you're right. Thanks for your answer.

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