Why would my ex do this?

My ex lover I used to have a thing with unfollowed me as soon as he found out I got a boyfriend because we posted a pic of each other? Me and him didn't ever make it official to go out but it seemed like it. he's now back with his ex and a baby on the way. I'm happy for him and agreed to just stay friends. 3 days ago that I started dating this guy since they know each other .. My ex lover asked my new boyfriend if we go out and all the times my boyfriend said yea and the 3rd time he said it was oficial my ex lover unfollowed me on instagram.. Why would he do that?


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  • Because most people can't be "just friends" with people they've had sex with, unless they never had feelings for them (and for some people, even then). Keeping in contact with that person, and seeing them happy with someone else is often painful, even if you were the one who broke it off, so most people, and guys especially, make a clean break once a relationship ends.

    The idea that you can "stay friends" with an ex-lover is an unrealistic expectation. In fact, your expectation should be a clean break, and in the rare case when something else happens, then, great, but you should never expect to remain friends.

    That may sound harsh, but that's how it works. Guys especially are very skilled at taking whatever is causing them pain and cutting it completely out of their lives. It's how they heal and move forward.


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